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Failed to connect to any GeneralDirectoryServer
Hello, I'm trying to set up a srcds on my linux box following the commands on main page.

I'm getting the message in the thread title, and it's actually legit since I know for a fact that steam is not able to connect to any servers.

Let me explain : for reasons beyond my control, my network administrator has disabled routing to IPs outside the country. Any connection to and from foreing IP is simply blackholed.

There is a specific route available that can indeed route to foreign IPs and I'm allowed to add exceptions to this blackhole policy, by adding an "ip ru add" command, but only towards specific IPs and not the whole Internet.
For example, I'm using this to let my TeamSpeak server connect to it's central authentication services, and works like a charm.

So what I need is the IP (or possibly domain name?) of the steam content servers used to serve game files and authentication, in order to add exceptions and be able to actually set up the server.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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