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Exploit / dos tool for CSGO
hello mates

I don't know if you guys support CSGO servers but I will ask help maybe you guys can help me solve my problem.

The problem is basically my CSGO servers are under explit/dos attacks that lag the server like hell and after some minutes the server crashes. (famous in CSS)

I am using SMAC and forlix_floodcheck as protection. Also, my rcon port is blocked and only a white list can access.

If someone know a tool to protect against exploits please tell me. My server are linux ubuntu 12.04 32 bits. 2 cores of 2.93Ghz and 12 MB up/down.
Just because you're getting DoS'd doesn't mean it's an exploit. It just means someone is flooding your server. If hes DDoS'ing the server then there really isn't anything you can do to prevent it. No DoS prevention tool can negate a DDOS. You need to filter out the attacks using your firewall.
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