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(TF2-MVM) When Wave Fails, Waves Won't Start and Server Glitches

I have set up a new tf2 MVM server recently. Although it has been plagued with bugs, I have managed to track them all down and remove them, except for this one.

Whenever a wave is failed and a checkpoint is loaded, the server begins to glitch terribly. The weapons all shoot super fast, except the shoot animation doesn't complete and it just bugs. Although you can ready up, the countdown for the wave doesn't start. Upon server restart, everything is normal.

I'm running on the latest Ubuntu server release.
Oops, I forgot to read the README FIRST.

Additional information.

I'm running ubuntu server distribution. GCC version is 4.6.3. Glibc is 2.15. Kernel is 3.2.0.
I don't have an error log, and I don't see any weird things going on in the console.

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