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Hello all im having a problem my cs go server is online and up to date. But no one can join it any help with this
I get this when i try to join

Retrying connection to, server requires lobby reservation but is unreserved.
Received game details information from
[MM] Sending reservation request to
[MM] Sending reservation request to
Can you post your server.cfg with any sensitive info removed?
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We need more details about the box that is hosting your server. Here are a couple of questions that should clear that up.

Is the server being hosting on a VPS or Dedicated Server or are you hosting it from home?

What are the specs of your current hosting machine?

What are the contents of your server.cfg file?

What start up command line are you using in order to start your server?
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Restart the server and be patient if the issue continue... It's error from your addons!

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