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[L4D2] Master Request Restart
I am getting this error after the last update. I have run HLdsupdatetool many times, deleted installrecord.blob many times, even deleted some of the files it downloaded to try and force it to re-download them. Each time the server says "HLDS installation up to date" and each time I restart the server it say "MasterRequestRestart Your server is out of date. Please update and restart"

This is on a server that has been running for years and has been updated regularly.

Short of deleting L4D2 folder and reinstalling, is there anything else I can try? The L4D2 folder is over 10GB and I would rather not re-download all of that.
Well, I have tried the completely deleting the server and reinstalling it. I wouldn't waste your time. Other than that I haven't found out what else to do. My community hosts CSS, CSGO, KF, L4d, and of course l4d2. It seems I've had the most problems with the l4d servers...
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My server is gettining the same issue as well.,.. i believe its a valve sided issue...
Re-run your update script deleting your installrecord.blob file. Today it worked for me and now server is running without update error.

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