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[Resolved] Srcds won't start at all [sorta]
Hello, I have ran srcds before on my previous computer for about a year or two. But that computer went dead not too long ago, so now I have a new one.

I have installed srcds on this computer, but it won't start. Whenever I double click it, my pointer does its 'loading' thing and then nothing. I have installed it correctly, I even reinstalled it three times. Same problem, I have even tried downloading srcds on another computer. I get the same error with it.

I have looked all over the place for a solution. All I could find was a bunch of threads that died without it getting resolved and solutions that don't work with me. I did see a post somewhere saying it won't work for a 64x computer. (thus thats why I did it on another computer, no results).

Computer Info:
System: 64-bit system

It would be wonderful if I got this fixed as soon as possible.

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