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Won't get past "game.dll loaded for 'Garry's Mod'"
i have done everything to the tutorials but when i start my shortcut it just stops at "game.dll loaded for 'Garry's Mod'" and won't do anything else. Any help to this?
Did you try a reinstall? And also whats your boot command (E.G. -game garrysmod +map Fuckyou etc.)
I actually just joined the forums to report a simular issue. It's been happening every time I update starting about when Mann vs Machine started on TF2. After that every update has caused this issue. I have experienced the issue with Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Pro SP3. it only happens after an update. I can reformat but as soon as an update drops I'm in the same boat. I fixed it once before with reformatting but the recent release of updates has broken it again. After the issue occurs I can't even launch a fresh install of the garry's mod server. no addons or anything. Seems nothing short of a reformat will fix it. the command line is C:\SRCDS/orangebox/srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map gm_bigcity +maxplayers 16 so nothing special there. The machine has run this server for 2 years without fault. Only this recent string of updates has been causing this issue. I'm curious if SRCDS isn't leaving something residual outside of the server installation directory that might be causing this. I have completely removed SRCDS in everyway I know how and started fresh on the same box only to receive the same issue. I really don't want to reformat again so any insight would be spectacular.
Really any suggestions would be helpful at this point. I can answer any questions that would be needed to help diagnose I just need some idea if anyone can help.

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