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[Solved] May I please get some clarification on how map cycling works?
I have maplist.txt and mapcycle.txt and they are full of the default values. I also have my server configured with

So will the maps cycle on their own? Is there anything I need to do to make them cycle? Also, after how many rounds will it cycle by default?

Also, what happens if I specify a map in the startup command eg +map cp_badlands - does that mean it will only play that map?

Finally, if I want to do MVM - what, if anything do I need to do? Can it be part of a map rotation with regular vs maps? Or would I need to create a maplist/mapcycle that only specify MVM maps and then change that out when I want to do vs mode?

Thanks so much!
Any maps you list in the mapcycle.txt, the server will follow that list repeatedly. Default cycle would be forever unless you specify something else.

The maplist.txt is just there so if you rcon access or some kind of admin mod, you can see the list of maps with a command.

If you specify a map on the startup command line, it will first play that map when the server starts. The next map will be whatever is listed on the server. If the map you specified in the startup command line isn't in the mapcycle, the server will not go to that map unless you restart the server or it crashes.

If you want to play MvM, I think you just need to change to a MvM map and have 32 player slots set for your server and there's probably settings where you can specify how long the match etc.
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Cool, thanks for that info. I think that answers almost all my questions. Just one left unanswered - after how many rounds will it cycle to the next map?

And where's the best place to get some info on rcon and doing admin stuff?

Thanks again, Ghost Assassin, for you help!
You just need to edit this setting in your server.cfg.

// Maximum number of rounds to play before server changes maps
mp_maxrounds 5

Some info on console commands.

Sourcemod admin commands:


I also posted this on another person's topic about MvM configuration.
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