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Need help running more than one TF2 server on one box.
Server OS: CentOS 6 minimal w/ putty & ftp access
Processor: 4x core sandy bridge, 1x core allocated to the container we're using
Ram: 8GB DDR3-1333, 3gb allocated to the container we're using
Game(s): Team Fortress 2
Start Up Command: sudo /etc/init.d/srcds start & sudo /etc/init.d/srcds1 start
Admin Mods: Metamod, Sourcemod

I recently installed and launched a 24/7 MvM server to /usr/local/valve/ for TF2 in a container on my mac mini server and it runs great. I wanted to launch a second server(24/7 2fort) so this is what I did which I now think was incorrect...

-Made a copy of /usr/local/valve/orangebox/ and named it /usr/local/valve/orangebox1/
-Edited /valve/orangebox1/tf/motd.txt | motd_txt.txt | mapcycle.txt
-Edited /valve/orangebox1/tf/cfg/server.cfg
-Created /etc/init.d/srcds1 script to have server run as service
-Edited /etc/init.d/srcds1 with the dir of the new server, new server name, new launch parameters(dif map, dif port, dif max players)

When I try to launch the service using sudo /etc/init.d/srcds1 start it says it starts but it doesn't actually start, I don't see it in screen -ls or top, nor do I see it in my TF2 client server browser.

Right now this is how the filetree looks...

Server #1 - //usr/local/valve/orangebox/
Server #2 - //usr/local/valve/orangebox1/

They're sharing installrecord.blob and /hl2/ folders, and anything else the updatetool.bin installed in to /valve/ with the first server.

Should I delete /orangebox1/ and do an actual fresh updatetool.bin install and have it look something like this...

Server #1 - //usr/local/valve/orangebox/
Server #2 - //usr/local/valve/Server2/orangebox/

...and either leave it like that or move Server #1 files in to a new folder called /valve/server1/ and fix the DIR path in the script for it?

Also, what is the command(s) I need to run in terminal to update either server when there's been a game update? The only command I know is the one that launches the server with -update as a parameter, but I don't like launching the server that way. I prefer it to run as a service.


Edit: If I have to re-install everything from scratch, including my first TF2 server, that's no problem. I have mapcycle.txt/motd.txt/motd_text.txt/server.cfg for each server backed up on to my home pc.
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I wiped /orangebox1/ and did a full install in a new directory which seems to have worked. I also renamed /valve/orangebox/ to /valve/server1/ so I have an easy filepath layout to follow. The filepathes are now...


Each installation is standalone and has its own mm, sm, and txt/cfg files. Since this seems to be the trick to hosting more than one server on linux I'll go ahead and stick with it for future servers.

There was one problem, though. After installing/configuring the second server and having a libraries-not-found issue during startup I had to make a certain .txt file in either /server2/ or /server2/orangebox/ with "440" typed inside of it to fix that problem. No idea why it had that issue, but it was keeping the server in LAN mode. Now that second server is running great. Absolutely no issues.

I didn't know if the second server would get assigned its own port or a random port any time it was started so I used "-port 20716" in the launch parameter area of the service script I made for it in /etc/init.d/. Both servers run as a service and are easy to start/restart/stop with a simple command AND I can also use screen via putty to have both server terminals visible.

I still need to know the commands to update each server when it's needed.
What we do is we just run it with the
+port 27015

option with our startup script and it works fine for us.

you will just need 2 servers downloaded

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