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Hackers destroyed my server
Just when I thought everything about my server was perfect, I got hacked.
They changed almost every .txt or .cfg file to a map.
I know, it sounds crazy right? When I open the map there's a file named "fucked", when I open, it says "Screw you guys" and then the hackers name.
I see no other opinion than rebuilding my server, but I have two questions.

Is there any log file? So I can see the IP.

How do I prevent this from happening in the future?
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Come on!
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What type of game server was it? (TF2, CSS, etc.)

Did you have any admin mods or other plugins installed on the server?

There many ways to log ip addresses of players such as getting scripts from Mattie's Eventscripts and Sourcemod etc...

You can search up logging plugins in Sourcemod.

Here's some examples...
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It's a CSS server
I had a lot of plugins; Sourcemod, mani admin plugin, eventscripts, amxmodx, super admin cheetah, autobhop and a lot more.
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