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HL2DM: ded Srv - Problems with mods (i am too stupid?)
my name is Tom, i am from Germany and have some problems with my HalfLifeL2Big Grineathmatch dedicated server and sourcemod on my Windows Server mit 8 GB RAM and 4xCore

I have installed Metamod and Sourcemod without problems.
Aber connect on my Server i type in Console "sm_admin".

and it looks so in client:

[Image: 2012082015044456.png]

after click on a admin-menue the server crashes with this error on server:
[Image: 2012082015072116.png]

Anybody an idea or a step-by-step instruction for dummies to install metamod and sourcemod with a good server.cfg Wink ? ^^

Greets from germany

Try upgrading sourcemod.
I had the same issue a few days ago.
Upgraded sourcemod and it's fixed.
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[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

i have hl2mp new installed, the newest metamod and sourcemod and the same problem...

thanks for tip - but it doesn't work on my root- and homeserver
i believe i have to life with it now Sad

Well, based upon your first post with the screenshot. Sourcemod and Metamod Source looks to be installed properly.

So it only crashes when you type sm_admin in console and click the menu.

Did you configure any settings for admin? Located in....

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- i have installed the newest versions of metamod and sourcemod
- admin_simple.ini was modified with my steam-id and letters from a to z Wink
- gameinfo.txt was modified with parameter "gamebin |path_info|addons/meta....
- metamod.vdf was created
- metaplugins.ini was modifed with
"sm addons/sourcemod/bin/sourcemod_mm" -> without "" ^^
-sourcemod.vdf was modified with alias "sm" -> like in metaplugins.ini

sm_admin seems to do work but not the click on it's menue - > crash

are there another settings to set?


Without a joke...

i have installed sourcemod 1.5.0 (unstable) and it works...

*party* Wink ^^

[Image: 2012082123225344.png]

Thanx for help


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