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Running a MVM TF2 server?
Hi guys,

I'm a complete server noob, I have the equipment, and the time to run a server and the new MVM patch concluded the game I'll be hosting for, I wish to run a server, but I don't exactly know how to get going.

Firstly, I've downloaded TF2 via the HLDSUpdateTool, and I have all the TF2 maps and stuff.

However there are no tutorials anywhere >.< I just tried running 2fort and it worked perfect.

What do I need in my config and running batch file to run a Man vs. Machine server? Thanks in advance! Wink
It seems to work for me but when i go to a MvM map it just sits at "Waiting for Players" and doesn't let anybody ready. Do i need a full 6 people or something?
There's little information on the web about setting it up properly... here is what I know having run one:

Make sure your maxplayer setting is at 32. Not in the server.cfg file but in your startup script. Also, change the game time limit to 1000 or higher, else you get locked in some weird glitch. Additionally, make your map cycle only the three Mann vs Machine maps... mvm_decoy, mvm_coaltown, and mvm_mannworks

You don't need all six, but I believe at least three players.

UPDATE: Here's a thread on Steamforums about it....

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