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[TF2] Yet another "people can't join" thread
I am using a Windows 7. This is my commands on the srcds.exe:

"C:\BMod -  TF2\orangebox\srcds.exe" -game tf -dev -console -fullscreen +maxplayers 16 +map koth_king -autoupdate +exec server.cfg -maxplayers 2 +map trade_bmod +tv_port 27021 sv_lan 0 heartbeat -port 27015

The port forwarding: [Image: port.png#1]

I've been trying to get it up for 2 months now. When I first made it, it ran flawlessly for about 2 weeks.

What do?
Have you putting the -ip command in your startup line. Put the external ip.

The port forwarding image does not show up.
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