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[TF2] Looking For coder - ScapeOfLegends
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I am able to host the server 24/7 dedicated, But i need someone to make the server because i know very little about that.
I want a Tf2 Server With a few plugins Nothing overly special..
If you are interested leave a reply, or add me on my Skype.
Feel free to message me on Skype with any questions.
Skype: scapeoflegends

How old are you?:
Skype name:
What time zone are you in?:
How long will you be on everyday?:
Why do you want to become part of this server?:
Any Suggestions?:
//*****Other Info Below Here*****\\

Thank you for taking your time to read this.
Still Looking!!!!!
Can anyone Help??
I think it will be hard to get anyone, since most people are able to host their own server. But what plugins are you looking for? There's a lot of guides to help you install SRCDS and all kind of plugins :-)

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