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Running a server and playing on the same computer
I made this topic mainly because of this:

Just found some topics where people had problems with that combination so there is it. Tutorial. Against bullsh*t I saw here and on another forums.
Short summary of this tutorial:
- This tutorial is mainly for people who got bored of playing in listen/in-game server and want to broaden their horizons Cool Works with most (if not all) Source-based games and mods.
- No "Steam validation rejected" errors when sv_lan set to 0,
- Items are working (not always with sv_lan 1!), also VAC does,
- Metamod:Source works, also SourceMod does.
- Based on Source Multiplayer Dedicated Server from Steam, you don't need to waste your HDD space.
- If you can't directly make a file with custom extension, make a text file and save it with another extension. Google can help you with it.

Here we go.
1. Download Source Multiplayer Dedicated Server by Steam.
2. Run it once and close then.
3. Go to steam_location\steamapps\your_username\source 2007 dedicated server\tf\cfg and make a file named server.cfg. Open it and paste a content of to opened file. Then customize all the values in that file as you want. And save the file.
4. Go two folders back (you should "be" in source 2007 dedicated server folder) and make a file named Start.bat. Right-click newly created file and choose "Edit".
5. Depending on for what game you want to create a server, paste the content of one of the links below: 6. Change MAP to name of the map you want to be when you start the server. Then save the file.
7. (Optional) Install Metamod:Source and SourceMod if you want to play with some plugins/mods.
8. Run the server by starting Start.bat file. Remember - don't run a server by Steam but keep it turned on.
This actually works for me really well. If you have any questions:
- Google them
- check replies in this topic
- make a post here.
If you (or another people) can't connect to server or your server is not connected with Steam servers (resulting in no items - TF2) you have to forward ports ( and either add an exception in firewall for srcds.exe or turn off the firewall. By quoting Valve wiki:
Quote:The ports srcds officially requires are:
  • 27015 TCP/UDP (game transmission, pings and RCON)
  • 27020 UDP (SourceTV transmission)
The best deal is to unlock TCP and UDP ports from 27000 to 27030 at once.
Good luck.

PS: Fix your [url] BBCode please.

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