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completelly new guy on srcds servers need help!
ok so i have done a surf server for my friends all working fine exept two things... first the players get stuck when they spawn on jail so i need some kind of "noclip" plugin that makes the players non solid for each other..
and the second when my server changes map/round ends i get this kind of message "the procedure entry point GetCVarIF could not be located in the dynamic link library vstdlib.dll" what does that mean?? =/ i have tried googleing many times spent like hour on google.... please help .
I'm assuming this is a stand-alone srcds server and your game is counter-strike source.

Can you post your server.cfg? You can remove sensitive information like rcon password or downloadurl.

I also looked up that error and it could be possibly due to a mod installed on your server.

Can you list mods/plugins you have installed on your server?
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