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Counter-Strike: Source Server server.cfg maker page
Hi all, below is a link to my site where you can select CVARS for a CSS server, read about them, select values, press a button and make a custom server configuration file...server.cfg.

A php / html page to make a server.cfg is nothing new but I had a go at it because they are either full of commands that are "unknown commands" in your server console, languages outside english or they don't include the updated CSS orangebox commands.

The page is here ... ( )

EDIT: I have also made two more, one for TF2 ...
...and dod:s

Please let me know if there are difficulties viewing or using. I have tested on IE, Firefox, Safari, Maxthon, Avant, they seem OK.


1. The page is English only, I do have details of the cvars beside the input or dropdown selections so you can read more.
2. The command values set are the best I could find for default, recommended or popular settings. This is hard, everyone has a favorite or preference outside of the default and some defaults like rates are a almost impossible to set as "the best one for everyone", no such thing for bandwidth Smile .
3. Pressing the button at the bottom of the page should generate a server.cfg to place on your server.

If this one works I will do the same for dods (my fav' game) and TF2.

Cheers INsane.
I have also made two more, one for TF2 ...
...and dod:s

NOTE: You can get the latest full CVAR list in steam games from your game server or local PC anytime you like.

Place... cvarlist log cvarlist.txt console, go to your game directory folder, (dod, tf or cstrike) and open a file called "cvarlist.txt"

You can also have the file formatted in .csv format that spreadsheet programs, (like MS excel or (free) open Office Calc) can open.

Place "cvarlist log cvarlist.csv" in console and look in the game folder for the result...dod, tf or cstrike.

If editing .cfg files please use a proper text editor like NotePad++ (free) ...

Cheers INsane.

I found something interesting about making cvar lists. Some may know if you make one from your local PC it also copies a heap of your defaults... the list will be wrong.

So using a server that was freshly updated and with no mods I found a complicated but quick way of getting the lists. Tutorial is here. Some webmasters may find this helpful.

The lists that this method generated are here ...

Team Fortress 2.

The CVAR types (Flags) are in the VALVe wiki here.

I will update these more often. It only takes around 5 mins each now Big Grin
Wow! I'll check these links for future reference. Is there any update?

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