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Cant join my own server? PLEASE HELP ME!!
Hello people.. I got a little problem, i have made a SRCDS server, but i cant join it? Other peolpe can join it. I can see the server, but not connect. It says. Failed after 4 retries. Or something like that. Please help?Smile

I have port forwarded all ports needed
Ports :
UDP 1200
UDP 27000 to 27015
UDP 27020
TCP 27030 to 27039
TCP 27015

Im host from the computer, i connect from.


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Thanks for the help, really nice site.
Are you behind a router or modem?

What game are you hosting? Assuming CSS server.

Have tried connecting to server with external ip?

Are you hosting the srcds server on the same computer as you play game to connect to the server?

If you are hosting on the same computer, it's not recommended due to resources handled between the srcds and game may cause lag.

If you want to play on same computer, change the server port of 27015 to a different port such as 27016 since client side players join through 27015 also. Hopefully, this solves your problem. It's a while since I've tried the method of same computer of srcds and client side game.

Try connecting to server through a different port. Ex. Type " connect ip:port " in you game console. Not the srcds console.

Also it takes time for people to respond on forums, just be patient. Welcome to the forums.
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Hello Ghost Assassin.

First i want to say sorry about what i typed, i just think people answer me for about 1 hour or something.

But yeah, im behind a router. Im hosting the SRCDS CS:S server at the same computer, as i want to join from.

I tried to change the port to 27016, 27018, but nothing still work.

I dont understand man :-)

Thank you for answer me.
mght be your router. becz i have one but we have airvana for sprint and thats fucking my ports up and i cant do much till i know hw to fix..
Can you post a screenshot of your router settings for port forwarding? You can just cover up any sensitive information like ip or password.
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Here it is.

Port forward:

SRCDS console:
Well, there's no server.cfg present but you should be able to join. Do you happen to have another computer that has css on it so you try joining your server on your computer?

If that doesn't work, you try putting EACH port in the port forwarding.

What does it say above 1200 and 1200? Like beginning to ending port?
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If other people can join it (I assume they are not in your network) then it's online and working correctly. Try joining it via the local IP (which could be something like 192.168.1.x). If you're running it on the same machine you're playing on open a command prompt, type ipconfig/all, look for the Local Area Connection, and then add that IP to your steam server browser in the format of 192.168.1.x:27015. That should work.

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