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Segmentation fault (core dumped). - Fresh Install
Getting a Segmentation fault (core dumped). (Screen Dump - with plugins install) (System Information - clean install) (Debug.log)
OS: Ubuntu 64bit (updates installed)

This is my first CSS server so i dont know alot, if you need something eg logs. just let me know and the location of them.

any help would be great thanks
Give us a coredump, enable -debug and it should provide you with one. If you want you can analyze it using gdb and maybe find the plugin thats causing it.
no plugins installed i can add the -debug string but where is the dump/logs
The debug.log (and a file named core) should be in the same directory you have the srcds_run file. It is generated once you run your srcds_run command line with the added parameter -debug.

I just learned this today myself, I'm having the same problems you have, segmentation fault. It might be related, I have a line that says "warning: Can't read pathname for load map: Input/output error."

*following this thread*
Debug log is attached. (if you prefer pastebin check first post)

Zaitzev: thanks, how are you loading map? what map are you loading also have you verified your files?

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I'm starting the server via terminal, the normal way (needed parameters). I get the error regardless of what maps I try. I have tried a bunch of times to seek out whatever the issue might be, but I get nowhere. This seems more like an issue with whatever recent update has been released.. considering I have a CS:S server already running on the same machine, only it has custom maps, custom addons and stuff.. (mani, bots, trikz etc..), and it runs just fine. This server was downloaded/installed a couple of months ago, and its startup parameters does include I don't know what's going on really..

I can't just copy that existing server directory to start a new one either, that would mean I have to do a lot of manual cleanup in the folders. I want a clean, vanilla CS:S server with no extras. Guess I'll have to wait for a response from Valve if I ever get one..
yeah i dont know sorry

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