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Help please
Hello guys, i saw this forum and i thought if you can help me please. okay, long time ago i opened a server in Garry's Mod and it wasn't dedicated BUT people could join me. So time passed and i wanted to open my server back so i tried with a friend and he told me that the server is not responding, i know that we can do it with hamachi but i want that other people join. in my list the server is up, i see it on my favorites i tried it with all my friends that got Gmod and they are like 10 and no one could enter. please help me i realy wanna open that server. and i want to you guys join too Big Grin. I did foward ports and still.
You need to forward your ports.

Go to YouTube to see how.
sorry i forgot to tell you that i did foward ports.
(07-29-2012, 05:01 AM)JoniBond Wrote:  sorry i forgot to tell you that i did foward ports.

Try -ip in your startup line and recheck your ports (your internal IP may have changed).

Do ipconfig in Windows CMD to see if you have a new IP.

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