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I'm completely NEW to servers. Please HELP ME with this problem!!! thanks!!
im currently figuring out how to change the sound of when a player calls out 'medic!',

what i've tried:
1. replacing the original medic sound files with the sound i desire with the same sound name.
e.g. ive replaced 'demoman_medic01.wav with 'abcdefg.wav', then i changed 'abcdefg.wav' back to 'demoman_medic01.wav' in the tf/sounds/vo directory

2. downloaded and installed the plugin 'sm_downloader'
plugin post:

i restarted my server, but the medic sound doesn't change.

what should i do?
Are you trying to change the sound for clients? Because if so, that's impossible.

You can only change the sound for yourself and if your connected to servers that have pure enabled, the sound wont work.
it's client sided. Unless you can somehow figure out how to distribute it to your clients, you're shit out of luck.
Not only would they have to have the sounds client side you would have to tell the clients to access that sound client side... Pretty much impossible.
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