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[CSS] Client not downloading materials?
Hey guys, thought this was straightforward but it is not working how I expected it to....Basically, I am running a custom map CS:S server and I have the map (.bsp) files AND material files (required for only some of the custom maps) hosted on my website at and, for example.

I specify all this in my server.cfg and map downloading does work, however the client ONLY downloads the .bsp files, despite some maps also requiring files from the materials folders so there often are lot of things in pink/black on the map....How do I correct this? Specifically, I'd like to specify which files should be downloaded additionally along with the .bsp file on a per map basis if possible (so only related materials files are downloaded along with the .bsp).

Hosted on a Win2003 R2 machine with 2GB RAM, fully updated, and no plugins loaded by the way.
You need to use a program called SourceRSC.

It will take any "custom files" from the server files (ignores the default files) and compress them into .bzip2 files which will be faster to download than the .bsp file. Upload all those to your web hosting site and it should work if you specified where the files are located on the site.

You need to use

For example,
sv_downloadurl ""

and specify where the files are in the website.
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