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More than one fast download URL
I'm a server owner, and I have fast bandwidth, which allows for fast download, on my server. However I also have a web host server. My question is, is it possible to use both the server and web host to allow for fast downloads? My question basically comes down to, is it possible to have more than one fast download URL? And if there is not, is there any other way to achieve the same effect; using both locations to transfer files?
I can't see how this is possible by only using the sv_downloadurl command by itself. I'm assuming you're trying to speed things up, but if you have a good web host that allows enough bandwidth, you should never need more than one. I can download a new map to 32 players at once and the it's very fast. What you're trying to accomplish will take far more work and expense that most server owners would want to pay for.
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You can do something like change sv_downloadurl each second using simple plugin
But as mentioned above - there is no reason for needing more than 1.
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Stinkyfax, what sort of plugin would you suggest. At this point, it seems impracticle, but now I'm interested to see the results; if it is beneficial to users.
Actually this is possible. But it takes a lot of extra setup. You get a load balancer and several web servers. The load balancer would move each file request to a different web server in round robin (or other method you choose). This will be costly though; at least several hundred dollars per month.

Youtube, Wikipedia, Google and all the other big sites do this. They have hundreds or even thousands of servers behind a load balancer.

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