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People cant connect (No its not one of those threads i know how to forward ports)
Hey guys whats going on i've always wanted to sign up here but for some reason i got distracted every time ne way im here whats up.

Ok. So now you know im not a total noob here. but i am coming across this problem ive always hosted servers for many years all the way back to half life 1.. in hlds.exe but... for some reason today people cant connect to my server like they always do.. it says that its not responding... now mind you i have my ports forwarded i even have dmz turned on in my router settings..
my server is updated and everything... but im not sure what is going on can someone help please :C this server is my passion for me...
I also forgot to mention i am running sourcemod 1.4.4 Development screenshot
What's your command line on your server using for an IP an external address? Is it current? Maybe your external IP address changed on your router and you didn't notice?

This link will show you your external IP:

Post your server IP please so I can llok for it too.

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