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I have some problems with the server !
1. This error --> .
2. How to make me admin ?
3. Where to put metamod ?
Once again... No info provided about the server you run. Also, your image is at a dead link.

For future reference , we need to know what game, what O/S, plugins your using, etc. ..Please read the sticky post at the top of this top tic area that tells you what basic info to include with your help requests. Without it, we can't give you the help you need.

These questions you ask are about server plugins and not SRCDS. The questions better suited for the website the plugins are supported by. The installation instructions for them can be found there if you look at their sites.

MetaMod Source:
MetaMod:Source Install Instructions:
SourceMod (assuming this is what you plan to use for Admin)

Google search is your friend,
Good Luck
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