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Can't get admin access for counterstrike source through rcon
This is annoying the crap out of me, and I need someone to answer this, please. Ok, so, when I am in counterstrike source and in the console, I am trying to get admin access through rcon, but I get an error. I think I have to forward ports but I don't know how, and If I did, I would want to do it to TCP port 27015 but I don't know how to access it or where it is on my computer, router, or even steam, so I also need help on that. Anyway, I have downloaded mani's admin plugin, and I have configured the clients.txt and have all the necessary files, and I have srcds downloaded for CS:S. My problem is when I try to get admin access through CS:S developer console, I get an error. This is exactly what I type in first(without quotes, obviously): "rcon_password server." I then put "rcon ma_client addclient" and then my profile name, of course. After I type that is when I get this error code: "unable to connect to remote server (" I can't get past that in order to get admin access. I don't know if the zeroes are where I have to enter my internal ip address, which I can of course access through command prompt. But if I am right and it is where I enter my ip address, tell me how to configure it, through clients.txt or something else. But If I am not correct, explain why and what I have to do in order to fix this! Please reply soon to this important question!!!!!
Please post the startup command line of your server here so I can assist you further.
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