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Paid request - python IRC-bot script

I am looking for a serious coder who knows his stuff to code a IRC-bot which gets the output from the logaddress_add in SRCDS for all Source-based games. The bot must be optimised, e.g not 20 second delay between some events. It needs the following features:
  • Look for !needadmin in the chatlogs (logstream) and send the whole line containing it to IRC
  • Support kick, ban and say commands via IRC-commands
  • Be fast and responsive even under heavy load (12 servers - tf2)
  • Support Linux (Ubuntu 12.04)

By supporting kick, ban and say commands I mean that I should be able to define server names and something that defines the servers (by ip?) in a config file that the IRC-bot parses, and that I can run commands like !kick <Server> <Player> <Reason>, !ban <Server> <Time> <Player> <Reason> etc..

Please contact me directly via:
  • Steam: michael_sj123
  • Email: mikeeeyboy "at"
  • PM on here

The payment for the project will be decided us between.
There are working solutions coded in SM
Best Regards,
Not for IRC. Please do some searching before you post. Also this has been resolved.

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