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Hide an SRCDS server in the background while running an auto restart tool?
Hello, I am currently running a Team Fortress 2 server on a Windows Vista Home Edition OS. My problem is that I would like to hide the SRCDS window, while at the same time run an auto-restarting tool for when the program crashes.

In other words, I want the console window shown while the server runs to disappear, and when the server crashes I want it to restart (still hidden of course).

If there is a way to run the SRCDS program as a system service, while at the same time running an auto-restart tool, that would be excellent. Though, something else I would like even more than the last option would be some type of program that automatically starts when Windows does, and works as an icon in the system tray that allows me to stop/run the server any time I want. I have access to rcon, so having access to the console is a lower priority, but if it can still be accessed that would be great.

I have already tried the tool "SRCDS Admin", but it doesn't give the server enough time to start, so it keeps closing and restarting the server. It also wouldn't hide the SRCDS window.

I hope this can be resolved, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mod: Team Fortress 2
OS: Windows Vista Home Edition
RAM: 7 GB's
Processor: Unknown (away from computer at the moment)
Admin Modifications : None

Thanks! And if I am making any errors in the creation of this post, please tell me what I'm doing wrong! I don't want to be immediately banned.

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