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Server completely freezes with sourcemod commands
I just recently put up a tf2 server and got metamod and sourcemod on it. It runs fine until I use the in game menu for admin commands. The very second I press any of the commands in the player menu, the scrds application completely stops working. Anyone know what to do?
SourceMod questions are best asked about at: Their forums are full of these complaints over the past week and they are best suited to help you solve these issues. This is an SRCDS server software forum and is not the best place to ask about mods that have support elsewhere like SourceMod does. I can tell you after looking at their site that you should update to the latest version (1.4.4) of SourceMod that was just released a few days ago to address this problem. It fixes a bunch of issues that were casued by the recent updates to SRCDS.

Good luck!
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