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Mani Admin Plugin
So I have Mani admin installed on 1 CS:S server and a friend set that up, I then copied the Mani folder in addons and in cfg to my other CS:S server but it doesn't appear to be working any help would be appreciated.

P.S. Try and keep thing is dum downed terms.
Hi Mumbles,

First of all:
Mani's Admin Plugin is very hackable, which means evil-minded players may hack your server.

I would suggest that you use SourceMod or SaC (Super Admin by Cheetah). Those admin mods is very useful and have the same features as Mani's Admin Plugin.
Crazy Kid is right about Mani Admin being exploitable. The admin plugin is simply horrible now since the creator has been to lazy to patch it.

You should go for SourceMod or EventScripts. Both are very good plugins and will suit your needs.
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