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srcds.exe Windows Client Error

Couple of days ago , valve updated the Steam Source Multiplayer Dedicated Server. I'm currently on a 700-man lan and try to configure a deathmatch server so we can warm-up.

Problem is, first of all, that metamod/sourcemod won't work as the binary crash instantly.

Secondly, after starting the server without any addons nobody is able to connect. Only thing popping up is an error message saying that the client version is older than the server version. Pretty stupid of valve to make such a nice server update Big Grin

So, here are my specs:
Windows 7 -32bit
E8400@3,0 OC
6Gb DDR800

I'm not using the hlds update tool, I just use the Steam-Tools Application for starting a dedicated server. I know , not a good Idea but last time it worked fine.

OK , I hope someone got an a solution for this. It would be nice if someone could just upload the old binaries.

Current srcds Version :
Looking for srcds Version :



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