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End Of Game Msg Not Changing to New Level
I need some help fixing a I'm having with the end of game CT T win msg. On some maps but not stock CSS maps, the CT or T win screen does not proceed to the gray levelchanging box. It just sits there. I have to !admin a map change to change level. Do I need to do something to the maps that cause this problem? Can someone help me fix this problem?
What types of map rotation mods do you have installed.
Also what is your game type. Hell might as well post the server config...
Better yet: Post all of it Toungue
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Ok! I'm running CSS, Metamod,SM,Mani,ES and all the SDK Hooks and etc... I seem to think that my non Valve maps like fy_southpark2 and fy_payday, ZM_Spacestation_flee_v2 and de_dustpcg are just too old for the newer Orangebox CSS.
They should be fine. Disable your addons folder and see if it rotates at the end of the round. Sounds like an addon is misconfigured.

Also, what does your server console output at the end of the round?
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Thank's again for the help. I think you are right about the addons maybe causing the problem. However, I'm only having this problem with custom maps. I found a tempory fix for the problem. I or another player can open the chat window, type "rtv" and the map will change to the nextmap, nominated map or votemap.I added these instructions to my motd. I will consider the problem SOLVED for now. Thank's.........

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