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RCON hack
Greetings guys, I'm in desperate need of help.

Yesterday, my server was RCON hacked, & the person fucked up the server, I couldn't join any team, only be spectator. He removed two slots and added STV which was named "I SEE YOU", kinda creepy, don't you think?

Anyhow, is there any way to disable RCON or do you have any tips on how to improve the security of the server? Also, I see no unauthorized access in the control panel I'm using (GameCP), nor FTP.

Thanks a ton!



Centos 6.2
Quad-core 8 threads, with hyperthread.
24GB ram.

(Basically this is a dedicated server).
If you don't set a Rcon Password it will be disabled.
To disable your rcon password you will need to specify the command in your server.cfg with the quotes. Such as:

rcon_password ""

This will disable the rcon password. Otherwise the server may adapt your previous settings if you delete the command entirely.
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Okay, thanks guys! ^^
Also make sure he does not have access to FTP, or control panel settings for gameserver. Basically with rcon disabled, make sure your other settings are not compromised.
If you're using gameME, you need an RCON password for your server to communicate with the gameME servers correctly. So, in addition to the great advice already given here, there are two others things you can do as well:

- Completely remove the RCON line or comment it out of the server.cfg file (you can place a // in front of the line to comment it out) and add +rcon_password yourpasswordhere to the server's command line. If you use a strong password and enter it this way, it's much more secure.

- Use a plugin to block RCON hackers. There are a number of them that work quite well.

Good luck!
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