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Poll: Can anyone else verify crashes with Linux and bots
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TF2/Linux/Sourcemod/Bots = Crash
I have been running TF2 servers for over a year now. I am having trouble with random hard crashes that do not recover when I use bots.

I get the following error which after many google searches appears to be bot related:

*** glibc detected *** ./srcds_linux: corrupted double-linked list: 0x114c0250 ***

I run servers for a single map. I noticed a pattern. Servers I created the nav files for do not crash but servers supported inherently by TF2 will always crash eventually.

I have had 2fort and Turbine servers running for over a month but Badwater, Goldrush, Dustbowl, and Egypt all fail within 48 hours of launch.

I have tried disabling all plugins, done many many fresh installs, and have consulted several forums about it. No one seems to have an answer but many people are reporting similar issues.

I use ubuntu 12.04 32 bit OS with all the latest updates.
Since your own nav files dont crash, why not make new nav files for all the valve maps too? That should fix your problem.

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