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Hosting 2 TF2 Servers! Need suggestion for OS
I've recently become addicted to TF2 and want to host some servers for it. I'm having trouble choosing the best OS to host them on. Let me know what OS would suit a TF2 server best. Here are my options.

VDS Specs
Dedicated HT CPU core
1024 MB of RAM
100 GB of RAID-protected storage
1000 GB of InterNAP bandwidth transfer

OS Choices

CentOS 6.2
Debian Lenny
Debian Squeeze
Gentoo Linux
Ubuntu Server 12.04-LTS

Windows Server 2003 x64
Windows Server 2008 R2

When ever I host servers I typically go for CentOS 6.2 since that's what I'm the most familiar with, but since I've never really done TF2 I don't know which OS would be the most stable for it. I was thinking of using the Windows Server 2008 R2, but unsure right now.
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This is a VPS, which isn't recommended for gameservers anyway. I suggest go with Debian or Ubuntu as they are most updated and their kernels are new.
If you're new and don't like the idea of SSH or terminal style commands and editing... then the Windows GUI is the way to go.

All those OS' you listed would be suitable for running game servers. If you're running a very large server then you're going to want to stay with the default rates to lower your CPU usage so really you don't need any fancy kernel modifications so really it wont matter what OS you choose.

Also as Mike stated. A VPS is never a good option for a popular / well running srcds game server. It may work better for other game servers types, but not srcds.
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