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Garry's Mod server not working
[Image: BUsm]

Every time I run the "Garry's Mod server start.bat" batch file I have, it opens 3 console windows and then closes immediately leaving only MDMP files in the OrangeBox folder. What's wrong?
Edit: Sorry didn't see it in the screenshot.

Is 192.168.*.** the actual command you have in the batch file?

If so then this needs to be your computers IP ( Start -> Run or Search -> ipconfig )

I just hid it from here. x_x ... I did run the batch correctly with my computers IP.
It doesn't matter what your private IP is no need to hide it. Hell even your public IP doesn't need to be hidden for that matter.

Try right clicking the batch file and running as administrator.
Somehow I fixed the first problem. But now I can't even join my server! If I try server with the public IP for the server, it won't find it. But if I try to find the server with the local IP, it works but I can't join it. It doesn't say that I'am joining in the console either.
Turn off any firewalls or active antivirus programs you may have. Sometimes these can interfere with your game server.

Seems like you're running into a brick wall around every corner...
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Here's a video of the problem.

"You can only view the video with the link."

Do you reckon I should turn off UPNP?
Screenshot your port forwarding.
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Something is wrong with my router and I can't assign the ports to my computer. I'm going on vacation now and I guess this thread will be bumped later.

Bump, back from vacation.

I found out more about the problem. Once I run the game server off my computer, I can't join the server and can't join other servers, it just stays on "conencting to server". I tried joining with my laptop and it worked.
Your startup command line has -ip 192.168.XXX.XXX.

Use the external ip for -ip.

That's why you can't find your server with the external ip. You assigned the internal ip instead. Toungue
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