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Control panel.
Hello and good day.
I do have a Linux server and i'm getting to lazy to manual reset and restart the servers. So now i am going at a control panel.
The one i have tried: GamePanelX.
It is quite good but i dont feel like i have the power of the other ones that i have tryed a online demo on.
So is there anyone else that got a good one?
Can this also be free? it dont have too but it is that Smile
Kind regards.
NehoX offers a great game panel for people who need one. The only problem with NehoX is that it will take over your entire box and turn it into a control center for your server, but it doesn't mean you can't run the servers off the same box. I use to use NehoX for all my servers until I found it easy to just create my own server side script in linux to control everything.

You can find NehoX at the following link; Note that NehoX is a premium panel but they offer a community edition for free which is only aloud for personal use.
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there should be (somewhere around) an exclusive thread discussing panels.
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