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Buying a new server
Hello and good day.
I'm going to order a new server and is any recommend hardware?
We are going to run about 10? 15-20 slots server's (the server are not allways full)
And we are going to buy from:
Is there any good value server?
If not. Give me some recommendations of what type of hardware we should go on.
And yes a root server not a vps.
ps: we run linux.
Kind regards.
Hetzner support is not the best, so if having difficulties you will be left alone to solve them.
On the other hand, I am using hetzner myself, they have very good quality/price ratio.
I recommend EX-4
Best Regards,
Indeed a EX-4 should do fine.

Their support is great.
Just remember they are a unmanaged provider, they will not help you with any thing OS/Program related.

Only thing they will help you with is, Hardware issues, Network, etc
Thank you Smile I have some quite good software experience. Also we used to have some root servers @ lease-web but now we need to try something different.
Btw we had some bug at lease web that ordered something we did not use. They did take the full responsibility but they wont refund anything. So bye bye lease web for now.
But what about custom core/kernel? what do you guys have the most performance boost on? btw running debian.
so EX-4 can handle 100slots? running sourcemod

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