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Help me with srcds, please
Hello all,

Few day ago i started to create css server. I do the same thing like in couple guides. When i create srcds.exe copy, I put these words in target place: -console -game cstrike and blah, blah, blah... Okay, i tried to start server, but console says that my public ip is, so anyone can't connect, even me. So, i tried to start server without -console. I have like 30 errors (later i fix that problem), because i don't have textures or something, but i start server correctly. Now i can connect to my server and my friends can, but only with If i don't put 27016, i can't connect. So i wonder, can other ppl see my server in find servers?

When i tried to write -ip (my ip), error appear: couldn'i allcolate any ip adreses or something like that.

I have router and i foward ports.

When i create server with srcds.exe without -console, i write udp port 27015, but it says 27016 when i create server.

I don't know what i should do and other ppl can see my server in find servers?

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