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Anyone know the steam ip´s?
Hi there.

I have quite a problem with the steam master list - as many others seems to have!

I just want to know if anyone had all IP´s that is needed for a srcds css server to connect to all the steam services it needs. (only master list i think, but not sure!) I just want those IP´s to make sure it´s not a routing problem somewhere out there.

Thank you.
Master list connects on UDP 27011. Opening outgoing to that port will fix your problems.
Good luck with that. Was asking, almost, the same thing recently since I'm on a network that drops all foreign traffic unless specifically excluded, and need those IPs to enable both content and authentication/server advertising.
Source (numeric IP may change)
This domain name points to 3 A records (IPs), one of them using a different port (27015) according to the MasterServer2.vdf.

Thi from

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