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hlds server [out of date issue] Please Watch
i have tried to open a hlds server for Counter Strike 1.6 recently.
And i found this problem.
After i download all the files from the hldsupdatetool (around 3xxmb),
i opened the server and it showed the message "your server is out of date, please update and restart."

I have been searching the solution from the web for days, still cannot solve the problem.
"key line which i haven't seen on the console before at the time i successfully open a server long time ago appears : setmaster unavailable"

Hope someone who can open the server successfully would help.
This will happen on a machine that has Steam installed.
Hldsupdatetool will create a standalone server and conflicts with Steam.

Remove Steam.

Or read this...
[Image: badge-76561197983742718.png][Image: AddFriend.png]

Please post your hldsupdatool update command line and your server's startup command line for your SRCDS server so I can look at them.
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