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Server Hosting Question
i want to host a server for hl2dm and im wondering what kind of server can i host(maxplayers,fps_max,tickrate,etc)

OS:32bit Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1
ProcessorBig Grinual core 2.70GHZ AMD Athlon(for now xD)
Internet:around 4-3.5mb download(depends when xD Big Grin) and a upload of 0.52mb(tested with internet explorer,Firefox,Opera,Chrome XD on and on internet explorer i got 0.052 MB ? but on the second best opera i got 0.49MB or something like that)
so my actual upload is i guess around 0.52 MB Toungue cuz it is a webpage it uses internet xD

im all geared up to start hosting xD i port forwarded 27000-27050 TCP/UDP i got no-ip, local ip that kinda never changes xD

this is my startup command(on srcds guardian 3):
set runcmd= /high J:\servers\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game hl2mp -maxplayers 10 -port 27015 +map mf-warehouse -tickrate 100 +fps_max 450 +exec server.cfg

this is my server.cfg:
sv_lan 0
hostname World Gamers HL2DM
mp_teamplay 1
sv_minrate 5000
sv_maxrate 9999
sv_minupdaterate 13
sv_maxupdaterate 30
sv_maxcmdrate 67
sv_mincmdrate 33

i got metamod:Source and Sourcemod installed too ^^ i tested it on LAN with my local ip, it works great Toungue

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Your upload and download is very low for hosting servers.

To be honest I would say don't
Well i seen others with a lower upload ^^ and i cant really pay 45 dollars per month for 1.5mb upload(serbia is a tough country .... Toungue ) and i dont know any basicly upload internet tweaks .... Btw to say honestly i actually want to host a "official server" for my sourcemod thats based on hl2dm
well is atleast my fps-max and tickrate fine and my other settings ? So that i can host a 10 maxplayers (1 being reserved for me lol)
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I never touch the sv_minrate's and such, but your computer specs should be fine for 10 players.
Your upload is too low, try 8 players, and go up if it works.

Oke ty il try and change or tweak xD the settings if something goes wrong
Ty for your helpShyRolleyesBig Grin
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