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gmod server needs CSS content
Hey i got a srcds gmod server up and everything.
But i need CSS content for my server to work, because i have Darkrp

I have already tried the SRCDS content manager
i updated it
i installed .NET framework

No work
please my freinds are waiting for my server to work with CSS content
Download a program called GCFScape, go into steam/steamapps in steamapps you will find a file called counter-strike source shared.gcf open that and extract cstrike into your orangebox map in srcds. Smile
you have to DL CSS and place symlink (or physical copy - bad) to old residence of CSS (it is when CSS was in orangebox folder)
Best Regards,
Download counter-strike source using hldsupdatetool, and then place cstrike in /orangebox. The content should be hooked now.

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