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Multiple servers on differents CPU's cores ?
Hello !

I would like to know something about SRCDS for Linux : Is it possible to host a server on a specific CPU core ? If yes how you do it ? For exemple, I would like to host my CSS Fun & War servers on the first CPU core, my TF2 Idle and Trade servers on the second core, the Killing Floor and ZPS servers on the third etc...

I'm running "Debian 6.0 Squeeze (64 bits)" on a "3.2.13 x86_64 & SMP & HZ_1000" kernel hosted by OVH.

Thanks for the help

it hardly is SRCDS specific but you are looking for command "nice"
try "man nice"
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He's looking for "affinity":
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Thanks for the replies guys, but can you help me a bit further, I am not very experienced in Linux =D

Time to read boy
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(04-28-2012, 06:33 AM)Arjen Wrote:

Time to read boy
Thank you both ! taskset solved my problem ! =)
Nice is useless. Use chrt. Nice does nothing as the scheduler has more logic for chrt as SCHED_FIFO/SCHED_RR is /alot/ better to use than renicing a process.

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