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Bots on TF2 Server
I am currently running a TF2 server on a no-cheating basis (so I would NOT like to use the sv_cheats cvar, if possible). I would like to have a set of bots always on the server (and I would like these bots to actually be playing AI). First of all, how can I add bots like this and secondly, how can I ensure that they leave/join when a play leaves/joins so that the server always has the same number per team and gameplay constantly taking place.

And just FYI, I have in fact seen this done before on the Bot Medieval Madness server made by I am trying to model off of their server, but not copy.
Did you ever get this working?
Below are the most common bot configurations for TF2. Edit them and add them to your server.cfg file. Beware though that now all Team Fortress 2 game types in TF2 support bots. You may add them and find they get stuck in spawn or don't even spawn because the game type or map doesn't support them. Make sure you test things before going public with it. Good luck!


tf_bot_quota 4 //Number of TF bots in the server
tf_bot_difficulty 3 // AI Difficulty of TFbots. 0-easy 1-normal 2-hard 3-expert
tf_bot_join_after_player 0 // When bots should fill. 1-wait for players, 0-fill before players
tf_bot_quota_mode fill // Options: normal | fill | match -- normal - no interaction, fill - adjusts amount of bots to equal playercount of bot quota, match - bots to players is quota
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