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I want to start srcds server with 300 or more FPS . But when i start server it is running just with 66,7 SadSad How can i change this value ? Need i some special config or which values i need to change ?
Game server is running on Debian Linux ... On same maschine runs CS 1.6 1000 FPS server without problems.
When Valve ported Counter-Strike: Source to the Orangebox engine they made it so that servers can only use 33 and 66 tic. They also removed the server command "fps_max" but left as is for client side. Servers run a lot more smoothly because of this change. There are ways of getting 100 tic but you have to modify your server in order for that to happen.
people just keep wanting putting the "| 1000 FPS" in the hostname to feel cool
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