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Maxrate/minrate dosnt work, stuck at 8kb/s
First of all, i apologize for my poor english.

Hi there

forgot, the game im running is Counter-strike: Source

I´m using srcds on a debian server wich is working as it is supposed to, but i got a problem with the sv_maxrate/sv_minrate. Dosnt matter what i set it to it max out at 8 kb/sec.

now before you come with the question "your sure you tested it right?", i tested with a network tool i have to view how much data is going out/in on the server, with only me on trying to download a map, and dosnt matter what i do it set me to 7-8kb/s, and yes my bandwitch can take it Wink. Now dont say to me "setup a webserver" because its not the map download speed wich is the real problem, the problem is it cause choke since my clients aint allowed to download with more than 8kb/s and we are running so many addons/mods.

My server is running on:

1,6 ghz dual core proccessor, intel
1gb ram
do you need to know more for a server?

Ports forwarded:

TCP 27014-27050 -

UDP 1200 -1200 1200

UDP 3478-3478 3478

UDP 4379-4380 -

UDP 27000-27030 -

server.cfg: (look in attachments)

startup command:

-console -game cstrike +map de_dust2 -maxplayers 14 -autoupdate +ip -port 27015

max upload/download speed is 10 mbit/sec both ways.

did i miss out anything? if so please ask.

any ideas why it only allow each client a total of 8 kb/s?

Thank you in advance Wink


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