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[Help] Plugin for CS:S (for PRIVATE server management)
Hi everyone, I'm Robert. I'm trying to create a plugin for Counter-Strike:Source so that users would be able to edit the SRCDS "Command Line" using the plugin. I'm trying to restrict them from accessing the whole folder via FTP, this may sound weird but this is for private and personal use, so security measures would be under my responsibility.

First of all, i got no clue how it's done. I've researched a bit I've seen people talk about C++ and SDK samples to start with, also heard its much easier than the actual C++ programming. anyway, not sure how if this would work, for example in "addons/cmc" i want it to create a .cfg consisting the "command line" for that particular CSS srcds. The .cfg will contain:
-console -game cstrike +ip xx.xx.xx.xx +sv_lan 0 +maxplayers 22 +map de_dust2

So my clients would access the FTP, in "addons/cmc/cmc.cfg" they would edit the file according to their needs, and restart the server. Once restarted it would then load the new command line options provided in the cfg file. Is this possible, could anyone guide me, or show any path/directions so i could start on something.

edit: Do i need my own plugin, or could i use SourceMod or Eventscript modules/libraries in order to make this.
Kindest regards.
Thanks in advance.
You can't do that with a Sourcemod plugin, you'd need to make a "starter" script which calls the srcds_linux file with the parameters given in the other file.
but the server runs on windows os
It's basically the same, just alot harder..
Yes you can do it via plugin, though does not sound like a smart solution.
And I don't think generally "C++ SDK is easier than C++ programming" can be applied as it is same thing Smile
Best Regards,
How do you plan to specify the "-console -game and +maxplayers" in a plugin which have to be loaded before the server starts then?
^ Well that's exactly what i'm talking about how can i do that. Perhaps i can overwrite the actual starter and when server is restarted it loads the new launch option?

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