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Wine based srcds cpu load trouble
I'm running a wine based gmod server and I have a quad core intel xeon. When my server has more then 16 players on I get huge lags. By using top command I see that my srcds process load is about 100%, but my cpu load is only 25%.
Is there any solution of this trouble?
You should never run any servers using wine.. Why don't you download Garry's Mod for Linux and use that instead?
Why everybody hate wine?
Because it's useless for servers?
Your trouble answers your question.
Delete your wine server naw or close the door from other side please Smile
Best Regards,
Okay, I don'y wanna close the door from outside, so follow your advice I install a srcds on ubutntu server 11, but now I have an another trouble, segmentation fault error, all links to fix this trouble go to but this link is broken, maybe someone has a mirror of this?

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