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Srcds Timing is WAY off?
So this is a problem I am having with CSS, GMod, Half-LifeBig Grineathmatch, and Team Fortress. The server's timing is just... Well abnormal. The first thing I noticed was in GMod (present in all games) was that the weapon sway acted as if I was running at 600 miles per second. It was really shakey, and got more shakey when I sprinted. I then noticed that they physics where acting funny. I would lift a prop up in the air and it would fall to the ground instantly and be absolutely still. I thought it might just be GMod so I tried other games. Same problems. In CSS I put my glock on burst fire and emptied the gun in a matter of seconds, yes, it even reloaded instantly.

The round timer at the bottom of the screen goes from 8:00 to 0:00 in about 20 seconds. The bomb (set to 45) blows up instantly after planting it. I can left click my knife and it will make about 20 marks on the wall in 5 seconds.

In de_dust I jumped on barrels, they looks like those choppy 90's video game scenes. If would fall over (instantly) and roll down a hill (very quickly). The game is just unplayable.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why my srcds is acting this way? It's a fresh install of four games that are behaving in the same manner.

EDIT : I also noticed that the animated water textures looked like it was very windy. So much movement, it hurt my eyes. The only water texture it didn't behave that way with was the gm_construct water.
Yes, i had this trouble myself, and tried everything i found online but nothing worked out, but this command did it for me:

1. cd /srcds(your srcds folder)

2. export RDTSC_FREQUENCY=disabled

3. do your startup command

4. play the game Wink

please tell me if this did it for you as well, since i have seen so many topics about this on other forums.

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